But what is even more amazing to me is the fact that White Americans who know that living in a black neighborhood is out of the question, night after night watch on "jewvision" their own shopping malls and other areas of their lives, their society, being taken over by non-whites and still not make the connection.  IF the small number of non-whites that make up a non-white neighborhood can make THAT neighborhood unfit to live in for a White family, how in the world can it be anything but disasterous to turn the entire country into a non-white wasteland?  If we continue on as we are now, our society and our people are going to be destroyed.  The question is, are we willing to let it all be lost.  For most White Americans, I'm afraid their answer would be "yes".

    As the United States of America slides into the third world being prepared for it by the anti-Christ "Jewsmedia" and its activities, all the average White guy is worried about is whether or not the decay and rot can be held off long enough in order for HIM to personally live out his life.  He does not give a moment's thought to what he is passing on to his children or grandchildren.  I guarantee that the vast majority of Whites in this country have never once considered what kind of a place this country will have changed into in five generations from now as a result of their own activities.

       I keep fighting against the stupidity of the average White American Citizen.  Is it really possible that such a large group of OUR people are so stupid as to actually think this is all going to turn out well in the end?  Can they possibly hold the idea in their heads that flooding our land with diversity and teaching their own children that White People are bad and  other people are better will somehow lead to an improvement in the standard of living and the way of life of the average citizen, regardless of its impact on the White Race?   I don't think so!!!                                      

  I, as Lordship, teach the  OKR membership our motto, "Nor For Self, But For Others".  And then I tell them about the "others", what the "others" are,  our children and grandchildren.  The ONLY concern of the "Jewsmedia"  when it comes to the question of race is whether or not non-whites are going to be treated well by Whites, NEVER what would happen to Society if Whites  were exterminated or if they eventually disappeared

    I think that the average White American today knows full well that his country is being destroyed.  He can see with his own eyes that a tremendous doom is looming ahead.  And it will catch him totally unawares when his country is completely overrun with the non-white hordes,  his descendants are no longer of his own race, and the United States of America has its standard of living cut down to the poverty level (and I mean REAL poverty, not the "get-a-welfare-check" kind of pretend poverty you find in this country now). 

  The "jewvision" and non-whites are intent on destroying our society and our people; we are also faced with a huge block of apathetic White People who are more than willing to let it happen.  So White Americans, WAKE UP AND JOIN US!!! TIME IS GROWING SHORT!!!  Either we DO wake up so our White Race will rise in time to save this land and our people or we don't stand to fight in time and we watch as our nation and our people slide into oblivion.  So White Man, so White Woman, WHICH WILL IT BE?