Welcome to Kludd Korner

As the Imperial Kludd for the Invisible Empire, Original Knight Riders,

Knights of the Ku Klux Klan I wish to give you a brief introduction about myself.

I first accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior on January 18, 1987.  I was first commissioned/ordained into the work of Jesus Christ, His Church, and HIs Kingdom by completing my ministerial studies through Pastors Dan Gayman and Gray Clark of the Church of Israel Bible Institute in Schell City, Missouri in June, 1991. I then rec'd a diploma from the Lakemore, Ohio-based Christian Committee to Teach Bible Law upon the successful completion of my studies there.
In 1994, I  received a second ordination into fundamentalist, denominational ministries through Pastor George Stanly and his Gulf, North Carolina Baptist House of Prayer; I was the Associate Pastor of that conservative, fundamentalist congregation.
Since then, In 2013 I was commissioned/ordained as a minister through Yahushua DSCI Ministry in Livingston, Texas.

I have shared my testimony and the Word of God with congregations and people from WV to Indiana, and from Connecticut to Alabama.

Please go to the Kludd Archives to review and study my writing materials.