Now getting back to the truth about the Klan.  We did save this country before during the reconstruction period after the war of northern aggression.  The rights were taken from the white people and the blacks, carpetbaggers and scalawags were running rampant destroying our way of life.  We as a people, were already tired of fighting, we needed something else.  Someone to step forward and take control of this mess.  And there was someone, someone named Nathan Bedford Forrest, founder of the Klan.  He saw what was happening and stepped up and formed the Ku Klux Klan.  They managed to get the people back in line, got all things back under control, and long story short, saved this nation.  And we are going to do it again!  Praise God!

We are everyday people from all walks of life, and we are all for a common cause, we want to see America restored to its former glory.  People want someone to take control and restore us?  It will be us, the Klan, and we need you.  We are God-fearing individuals.  We do not harass or intimidate other races, we have no time for that.  Other races have organization that represent them, why can't we have our Klan?  I'm telling you all, it's time to unite for dreadful things are to come.  We must prepare and be ready for our enemy.  Our white races' enemy.If you feel as we, I invite you to contact us or call our hotline today.  We are always seeking good men and women with good moral and Christian values.  We do not apologize for being white, in fact, we do the opposite.  Why should we apologize?  We built this nation, we invented and created most everything, we taught the other races what knowledge and intelligence they have.

Wake up white man and white woman!  
Stop complaining and get up, join us, and be a part of something great! An organization that has always been there, an organization that cares! Thank you for reading, please contact us.  You are a very
important person to us, and you have a purpose.  Let it be a purpose of preserving, protecting and glorifying our most superior race!  We are Aryan, be proud!God bless you.Contact us by clicking on our "contact us" page

Dragons Lair

Racial Greetings White American,
I am one of the Grand Dragons of the Original Knight Riders, Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.  I serve the Realm of North Carolina.  I am taking this opportunity to talk to you about the troubles our own race and our glorious nation face today, and how you, (yes you!), can help.  If you, as a White Aryan American citizen, are tired of the other races taking advantage of us, tired of having our rights trampled on, and fed up with the taking of our jobs by "Affirmative Action" and other government -made reverse racism laws, then read on...

We Klansmen and Klanswomen are very proud of our race and our heritage, you of the Aryan race should be too.  The Klan saved this great nation before and it looks like we will have to save it again.  Yes, you read that right, the Klan saved this nation.  You won't find much about us in the current educational systems history books because the Zionists don't want you to know.  They control what our children's history, as well as all, books teach them.  They don't want you to know the truth about how the Klan was the first legal policing system in this nation.  The Klan served and protected the citizens of this nation and tried to keep them from harm. The Klan separated good from evil.  But that's not important right now.  Right now, I want to talk about what we need to do now to secure the existence of our race and a future for White children.  The 14 words that ring true today as when they were first coined by Mr. David Lane, may he rest in peace.

 The Klan embraces these 14 words and strives to enforce them.  We start by putting God back into the schools, most of our youth deal with problems like we never had to.  You see, without God, we have nothing.  God is our Creator and the Creator of all things, if we turn our back to Him, He will turn away from us as well.  This isevidenced in the trials and tribulations we are experiencing lately.  As a Christian organization, we see the problems of not having prayer in schools, we see the outcome of that and we don't like it.  There would be far less murder, rape, robberies, drug dealers and drug addicts.  If every child knew of the Word of God, it could very much have possibly made them a different person.

 The Zionists, liberals and all anti-American entities out there want this to be, the calculated destruction of America.  Look around, watch "Christian and conservative" news channels and just see what is happening under your nose.  Are you really okay with it?  It should make you sick to your stomach when you hear and see it, if it doesn't bother you, then you are wasting your and my time reading this.  However, if you see clearly what is happening and that I have a point, read on...

Next, we need to stop the "glamorization" of race-mixing.  It is unnatural, it goes AGAINST Gods laws.  It is genocide to our people and whats worse, it's all engineered!  It is not by accident that all this is happening, it's not just a "fad" or a "phase", no, it is engineered and put in place by ZOG. You must watch TV, have you not noticed all the inter-racial couples featured in sitcoms and commercials?  They even teach our children in school that it is okay.  Our youth believes it is natural and "hip" or "cool" to mix with other races, to show off your trophies!  What they don't see nor understand is how it effects everyone and everything around it, mostly the children born from these inter-racial relationships.  And what about our Aryan bloodline?  What about the other races bloodline?  

They are destroyed, gone forever.  Race mixing is a huge problem,someday we'll not have a beautiful blond haired, blue-eyed baby to be proud of.  We will have no one left to carry on our ancestors roots and heritage.  It is coming, and it's coming fast!  We and you must take a stand and educate our children.  There is no winner with race mixing.  All races lose.  

God made us all different for a reason and it is mentioned in the Bible.  We, as Klansmen and Klanswomen are strictly opposed to race mixing and do not allow it with our offspring, we teach them the pride of the Aryan race, the great country the White race built and the most valuable accomplishment our race has made.Another issue we have is with "homosexuality".  It is an abolishment of God.  It states that clearly in the Word of God.  Our schools are also teaching yours and my children that it is normal, it is an alternative way of life, that some people are born that way!  They are lying and brainwashing your kids!  God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.

 Do you approve of having your children exposed to that lifestyle?  Should they believe that it's okay?  Would you even have your precious child if you chose that lifestyle?  Think about it and think of your child's future.  Will you have biological Grandchildren?Then, of course, we have the issue of all the illegal immigration happening in our country today.  Yes, America is a great place and we do offer the hope of the "American Dream" to all people, but we didn't say you could come here illegally, did we?

 Face it folks, the hordes of illegal aliens are taking yours and your children's jobs, collecting tax refunds there aren't entitled to, taking advantage of our system, coming here to have their babies, using our tax dollars to live on, bringing more violence, gangs and crime here, bringing diseases we had taken care of years ago back to us, bringing parasites causing us harm.  They are killing kids, either molesting them, abducting them and torturing them, or killing them by driving drunk a thousand times over.  They actually use and have more rights in our own country then we, the legal, tax-paying, law abiding citizens do!  Do you believe that?  It's true!  This has to stop and stop now!  Did you ask them to come over here and take advantage of you?