Dear Fellow Americans,
What I'm about to discuss with you isn't to do with the "Known Active Islamic Terrorists", but about the so-called "good" Muslims, the moderate, peaceful Muslims.

Alarmingly, those who believe Islam and it's repressive, anti-Constitutional Shariah, must rule the whole world, are making serious headway in towns and cities right here in our own nation. America, what's more, the followers of Islam's Sharia are not simply believers in a "religion". Instead, they are waging jihad (holy war)-in one form or another-to force us to submit to their dictates, non-Muslim and Muslim alike...while constantly coercing or forcing what we would consider to be "the good Muslims" to join them in conforming to Sharia. And with illegal and legal Muslim immigration in America growing at record rates, Sharia adherant immigrants are challenging  the Christian foundation of our U.S. Constitution, our culture and values-often in ways unknown to most Americans.

Worst yet, Islamic leaders are cleverly using our own 1st Amendment rights to establish and defend so-called "Islam Centers here in our country, that in reality are Shariah-adherant mosques that advance "jihad" against America.

Whether or not this problem has affected your area yet, just think about this:

*An undercover investigation found that a staggering 80% of Islamic mosques or "cultural centers" in America are under the influence of the Shariah-promoting Saudi (Wahabbist, wing of Islam. Under Sharia, gender and religion determine specific "rights" in ways at odds with our Constitutional ones.
*And Shariah promotes "jihad"...violence and terrorism against all Islamic "non-believers."

Just think about what is already happening in America. 146 U.S. Court Cases in which an attempt was made to use Shariah to decide the dispute. In one in five instances, the judge agreed. How can this be happening in our country? It's because of a clever technique used by a particularly dangerous Islamic Supremacist group, the Muslims, be them claiming to be moderate or extremist. They call it "civilization jihad". Meaning in their words, "eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within".

The following are some of the ways the civilization jihadist leaders are stealthly trying to take us down:

1). Islamists are placing Muslims into positions as advisors to and, in some cases as employees of our government-placements that facilitate their insidious influence operations.

2). Islamists seek to prevent our free speech-particularly the kind that might allow us to understand and effectively counteract their secretive assaults on our country and it's institutions.

3). Islamists are trying to use the "Common Core" curriculum-our children's textbooks-to promote Islamic Supremacism in our academic institutions.

4). Islamists are working to insinuate Shariah into U.S. courts and establish their own parallel "Islamic tribunals" to subvert our rule of law and Constitution.

5). Islamists are using our immigration system-especially our refugee resettlement program-to engage in what the Islamic Supremacists call the hijra, a Muslim colonization of America.

6). Islamists enlist leaders of other faiths through so-called "inter faith dialogue"to obscure and enable what is fundamentally a subversive political, not a legitimate religious agenda.

7). Islamists use what is known as "Shariah Compliant Finance" to penetrate and co-opt our capitalist system.

* Many national food chains are selling unmarked Shariah Compliant "Halal" meat(the animal is ritually-slaughtered by a Muslim who sacrifices it to Allah). Unbeknowest to most Americans who are buying and consuming it.

*Our own U.S. Treasury Dept. has hosted in its headquarters a course called "Islam Finance 101" to promote Shariah Compliant financial activities. And today, most of our major banks and financial institutions-including one time government owned and tax payer funded AIG-offer "Shariah-Compliant products that are overseen by Muslim "scholars" to ensure they comply with Islamic Law.

* Some public and tax payer funded university gyms are now providing separate hours for male and female with Shariah laws for Islamic followers.

So you can see why it is so critical to the future of America and we must get millions of our fellow citizens behind our effort to prevent Shariah from taking hold here and to counter the jihad of all kinds in America. Make no mistake. These threats will destroy America from within-unless we stop them.

When Americans are exposed to the facts-without-"politically correct", but factually wrong statements from our government or media lies and distortions-they will join in taking the steps needed now to help prevent Islamic Supremacists from securing an ever larger foot hold here, and ensure that everyone lives by Constitutional rule of law.

Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR)-they influence operations against our government.

* This is all outrageous since, in a speech, a former Chairman of CAIR proclaimed:
Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith but to become dominant. The Koran. the Muslim book of Scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on earth.

To all you citizens of the United States of America:

Do you realize what you just read? Our own government is allowing the laws of our land to be overiden by a law that is not just foreign to our land, but is a law of a foreign religion as well. We must now recognize that our government is frightfully dysfunctional and is not operating in the best interest of any of us. It is not becoming destructive, it is destructive. It is of the utmost importance that you all join together with us to put a stop to this unacceptable practice and the unconstitutional allowance of any law other than your own to trump or even override our laws and Constitution. And now, by our governments acceptance of Shariah law in our own land, be prepared for the upcoming,
unavoidable Holy War!

Remember, Shariah law dictates that all non-Muslims be given only two options:
1). Convert to Islam and conform to Shariah law or:
2). Die!
Which option will you choose?

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